A Little Heart

This our “Morgan & Mason” custom, birthstone locket necklace I created to remember our little 9-month-old Morgan and 4-year-old Mason. They were so loved and cherished by many. A recent tragedy took the lives of three family members in a house fire in Michigan Center, Michigan.

Birthstone Necklace

Tiny birthstones for Morgan and Mason

Morgan was born in June which is Alexandrite gemstone and a Pearl. Mason was born in January which is a Garnet. This necklace will be customized to your birthstone selection.

Help Aaron and Lexi rebuild. All profits will go to an Aaron and Lexi donation fund to help them rebuild their lives after losing everything. Go to MeyerClarkCreative on Etsy
to learn more and make a purchase.

Locket Detail

God Bless,


This is a very sad time.

baby and daddy

Aaron and baby Morgan


Last week there was a tragic fire. I never imagined going to a funeral for our happy little baby, Morgan. I’m so heart-broken. He was my Sister’s Grandson, nine month old, Morgan, (my nephew Aaron’s baby) who perished in a tragic house fire, along with his brother, Mason, a 4-year-old, and their other Grandmother, Julia Earl, 57 in Michigan Center, Michigan one week ago. The children died of smoke inhalation.

Please pass this info on to others who would help support and pray for my Nephew, Aaron Tello and Lexi Earl who lost everything. Here is a link to the “gofundme” account.

Baby Morgan and his brother, Mason

Baby Morgan and big brother Mason


How many stages of grief are there?
Relentless pain, Sorrow, Anger, Numbness…and trying to stay strong and imagine babies with angel wings. Trying to write feelings regarding loss…this terrible, horrific, tragedy, is so confusing. Going in Faith is my pathway. Please save time today to pray for Aaron and Lexi, and all the families shocked by the terrible loss of life.

baby Morgan

Our sweet baby Morgan

Morgan, and Mason

Our little ones were so loved and cherished.


God Bless,