Bees Don’t Digress

Taking time to smell the roses, and photograph them is not always easy, especially when you have a few minutes in the morning before work.  I am a nature lover, so I always get up early to enjoy my morning time.  I’ve been known to get distracted by the bumble bees when I’m having my morning coffee. Their buzzing is very busy and non-stop. But, the cardinal is busy too, hopping around in our tomato plants. I smiled when he finally flew to our Rose of Sharon tree, and then I hurried to captured his portrait. 



A busy backyard.

The birds are not visiting as much when we are working, but the bees don’t care.

I digress, Time to stop and smell the roses.



This post was inspired by the Daily Post, “Shiny” on WordPress.


Crystals & Our Planet

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I am fired up about making jewelry when I find great gemstones and faceted crystal points. You can find this starfish necklace in my shop on Etsy, at MeyerClarkCreative

The video below has beautiful photography of the evolution of Earth, and how crystals are formed. Well presented from my artistic point of view, and fabulous information for students studying geology, by Roanna Jamir on YouTube.

Thanks for checking in! Message me with any questions about my jewelry design, and please share on your Facebook, lovely earth people!



Inspired by crystals and the daily Post on WordPress