I’m a life-long creative person who loves planning, designing, making everything beautiful, meaningful and functional!

On this blog I share my creative process and tips, post photography of my boating rendezvous on the Great Lakes, and interact with other artists. Most importantly, explore and learn while making new friends! tresa_ablneckl If I can do all of this, and cook for my husband, then wow, what an accomplishment! (He’s a much better cook than me!) I do allow myself to make mistakes along the way, in this new creative journey, in the pursuit of happiness.

I earned a Bachelor of Art degree in graphic design and ceramics. However, handcrafting jewelry has remained a passion, as I’ve always been drawn to gemstones for their natural graphic forms, and light reflecting qualities. Having a family who encourages my artistic abilities is a blessing. Since I was very young, I’ve had a passion for creating jewelry and sketching. A fascination with faceted gemstones, abalone, and agate crystals, lead me to lapidary classes. I also collect stamps, which I believe, had an impact on my professional career path as a Graphic Designer. As my academic training as an artist and my professional career merged, passion to make beaded jewelry has always been there for me to explore, test and challenge my handcrafting skills. I have total control of my creative ideas, and I’m creating handmade original jewelry!

Trips to Europe and boating rendezvous on the Great Lakes have definitely had an effect on my art and how I see the world. Growing up in Michigan will always have the most influence. I have great respect for the big waters! Inspired by the nautical chart, and its soft blue‐greens and yellows, I have a collection of unique Anchor jewelry and new nautical themed stationery I’m working on for 2017. Native American beadwork and design has influenced many of my ideas for color combinations and artistic style as well.

My Etsy Shop: MeyerClarkCreative.etsy.com

nautical package design

Wrap it up!

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