I’m a life-long creative person who loves planning, designing, and communicating with a meaningful heart. My current artwork is about nature, whimsy, and geometric shapes. Inspiration is fueled by every day life. This is my place to share my creative process, my photography of boating on the Great Lakes, and interact with other artists. Most importantly, explore and learn while making new friends! tresa_ablneckl If I can do all of that, and cook for my husband, then wow, what an accomplishment! (He’s a much better cook than me!) I allow myself a mistake or two along the way—in this creative journey—in the pursuit of happiness.

Trips to Europe have definitely had an effect on my art and how I see the world. As a graphic designer and artist, I have learned to communicate through color, texture and light. I am crazy about the art of Western ornament, geometric motifs, and patterns.

I have always been drawn to work with my hands, and sketching is the first step in my process, whether I’m using drawing tools on the computer or on paper. Compelled to use my artistic eye through the camera lens, I photograph my designs—which is close to the last step in my process—in studying it from a different point of view.

~ Tresa

Danish Layout-01

Owl artwork, baby shower invitation, tresa meyer clark

Owl artwork for a baby shower invitation.



A closer look. The styling of course is my favorite part of the presentation of my artwork.



Presentation of nautical gift box for jewelry, and branding for MeyerClarkCreative on Etsy.com.

Presentation of nautical gift box for jewelry, and branding for MeyerClarkCreative on Etsy.com.


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