Anchors and Moments


When I started this blog, I had so many ideas and not so much time.

Taking time to design anything is always a process that is very time consuming. Sometimes, just after finishing a new jewelry piece I think to myself, well that won’t take a lot of time to recreate. The truth is, I am more of a ONE-OF-A-KIND designer. I am getting faster and keep a sketchbook, which I won’t quite reveal here yet, to refer to later.

Writing descriptions,search terms and tags for each piece in my shop is always evolving, and sometimes I get lucky and someone finds me on Pinterest or Google. The most rewarding part of handcrafting is when someone notices your artwork or the photography of it, (another passion of mine) and takes time from their day to mention why they love a handcrafted piece over store-bought one!

“Your anchor necklace couldn’t be more perfect. My sister’s birthstone is Aquamarine, and she loves anchors for some reason. She has quotes and affirmations that have to do with anchors, and I wanted to find something nice for her for Christmas. I was searching Etsy for hours last night because I think handmade gifts are so much more special. Just knowing that someone took their time to create the item and put their heart into it makes it so much better than something purchased from a store. I actually handmade a gift for grandmother out of wood, and an iron tea light candle holder for my mother, but jewelry is not something I’ve ever tried my hand at. I came across dozens of anchors that had aquamarine colors, gems, etc. in them but as soon as I saw the one that you made I knew that I had to have it.”

Steven Krosnicki
Syracuse, NY



Nautical, Anchor Necklace, Gemstone, Birthstone, Aquamarine, boating, art glass, beading, handcrafted by Tresa

Nautical Anchor Necklace, by Tresa Meyer Clark. @TresaArt #MeyerClarkCreative



The photo of my husband and I is one of my most treasured images. We were at the North Channel Yacht Club that summer, a wonderful memory of boating on Lake St.Clair and relaxing with my parents. I was lucky to capture this moment. It only took a second to get this pic with my iPhone, so cool, right!


Nautical Anchor Necklace with Aquamarine Birthstones, Tresa MeyerClark, etsyshop

Nautical Anchor Necklace with Aquamarine Birthstones
by Tresa MeyerClark


My studio shots are more involved. This is the pic that is used for my shop, and as a result, Steven Krosnicki purchased this anchor necklace for his little sister. He explained that anchors carry a lot of meaning for her. This is what inspires me to make more pieces.
Handcrafting is awesome when there is meaning!

I’ll take time today to put together another one similar to this—and it should go rather quickly—but I’m sure another idea will pop up in my sketchbook!

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Photography by MeyerClarkStudio 2015




Anchor Yourself with Happiness.

The inspiration to create is endless for me. Designing packaging and photographing my work makes everything come together.

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Photo by MeyerClark Studio


Inspiration Therapy

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

Inspiration to create can come from where I feel balance. Balance in a color scheme I’m working on, or even in that feeling of accomplishment. Completing a challenging day at work, then returning home to receive a big hug from my husband where he meets me at the doorway, every day. And of course, the colors of the light, softly painted into an amazing summer sunset at the Northport Marina.

What inspires you?
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Northport Sunset

Photo by MeyerClark Studio. Inspiration: Sunset at Northport

Artsy Onions

Photography Class
 Day Seventeen –

– Glass, Squared –

I’ve always been drawn to glass: windows, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces.
Glass is fun to experiment with when taking pictures, resulting in multi-layered
and unexpected shots.


onion pattern

I’m intrigued by how the striped fabric changed when viewed through the glass pattern.

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Close-Up and Blushing

Photography Class
 Day Sixteen –

– Treasure and Close-up –

In the absence of a wooden chest full of gold doubloons, any object or experience
that is deeply meaningful can be a treasure. Items, places, people — we all cherish something, or someone.


Geranium leaves


I thought about the assignment today and changed my mind three times, from treasured photos, heirlooms and then finally my treasured flowers. These are the leaves from a geranium. I Don’t have the actual name of this one, but what I do know is, it attracts hummingbirds. We tried to capture the movement of those tiny birds loving on this geranium with no success. Maybe this summer we’ll have more luck with our new hummingbird feeders. Can’t wait.

Geranium Plant          

A Geranium attracts hummingbirds

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St. Thomas

Photography Class
 Day Fifteen –

– Landscape & Cropping –

Today, snap a picture of a landscape.
Focus on the gestalt — the entire setting as a whole


St. Thomas, Britsh Virgin Islands


A stunning view at the highest point on St. Thomas in the British Virgin Islands.

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The British Virgin Islands

Photography Class
 Day Fourteen –

– Scale & Observation –

Today, play with scale: you can use anything and everything to help convey size in your image, from your Chihuahua to your Mini Cooper, to an aerial view or perspective from a penthouse floor.


Virgin Gorda


Devil’s Trail Beach on the Island of Virgin Gorda. These are giant boulders lined with sand and sometimes water from Devil’s Bay. Great spot for picture-taking, sunbathing and snorkeling. The color of the water is a stunning shade of turquoise.

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On a Mission

Photography Class  Day Thirteen –

Theme: Moment and Motion –

Our lives are made up of big events and tiny moments. Ultimately, life is fleeting, and oftentimes it’s these small moments, this motion, that we love to document.


Yellow Moth

It always amazes me to see one of these Tiger Swallowtail butterflies “on a mission.”
This particular time, it let me take its picture…


Bavarian Architecture

Photography Class  Day Twelve –

Theme: Architecture & Monochrome –

From geometric patterns on skyscrapers to the ironwork on historical buildings, there are many opportunities to capture the beauty and complexity of architecture.


Bavarian Inn Side View


The Bavarian Inn is an example of Alpine-style architecture in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
The B&W image contains as much detail as the color one below, but is more stately.


bavarian InnBavarian Inn Michigan

The old-world German cuisine is served by a traditionally costumed staff in 12 well-appointed dining rooms.


Rupprecht’s Sausage Co. (below) was the first building built with the “Alpine-style” architecture. The building was built in 1948. It is now Willi’s Sausage Co.


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My Window Light

Photography Class – Day Eleven –

Theme – A Pop of Color:

The colors in our photographs are evocative and rouse emotions within us. Color can elevate a mundane image into something intriguing and meaningful, and can tell a particular story within the frame.


Pink Agate Necklace

I love this juxtaposition of pastels and copper on a graduating shade of black.
I shot this next to my favorite (jewelry shooting) window, mid-morning.


Pink Coral and Quartz

The blue and copper beads glow more on this soft, neutral background. The angle of the necklace was positioned for the best lighting in this shot.


Pink Agate by Tresa Meyer Clark

I find this composition very intriguing, however, the white background is very “vanilla.” So, after some experimenting with color backgrounds, I think the darker one is best for this necklace grouping. If you would like to see more of my jewelry photography, here is a link to my shop.

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