Graphic Design

Form and Function: Learning to see the world around me with an artist eye comes natural.  I compare almost everything from the perspective of spatial relationships. Challenging myself by bringing elements together in a vignette, to create a picture
or a three – dimensional form has always been a passion of mine.  A typical thought process for me will start by comparing the shadow and light to convey contrast and movement as colors and textures come to life.  As a graphic designer, working for
a client, the message is always the main consideration.  Merging functionality and a unique perspective is my strategy, whether I am styling a photo for an editorial layout
or finessing typography as art.

Read more about “Form Follows Function” in web design.

My Work

Print Design Higher Education

Marygrove College, Detroit, MI



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 Design, Layout and Production for Admissions, Student Life Booklet





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Design, Layout and Production for English Department, Study Abroad Booklet



Click to see a PDF of the Marygrove “Kids’ College” direct mail brochure I designed and managed from concept through printing.

Kids College at Marygrove

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