Auf Wiedersehen, June Birthstone

June Birthstone Alexandrite

Alexandrite Gemstone with color variations

The month of June comes to and end soon. I hope we soaked up everything possible in the time we are given to enjoy Spring, which is not very long. Carefully studying and gazing at all the greenery in my garden from the hosta and fragrant lavender to the tiny lily of the valley—I ask myself, why is the June birthstone a pearl or an alexandrite? Instead, what about a peridot, as in the perfect shade of spring green, like chlorophyll in photosynthesis. Actually my friends, there are eight types of June birthstones depending on which part of the world you live in. Alexandrite, with its lovely shifts in color, from blue-green to pink-purple, has reined supreme in the U.S. since 1912. In 1952 the white pearl was added, in part due to the rarity of alexandrite.


Pearl beads in German dish

Photographed with outdoor light on a vintage jewelry dish from my Opa.


Faux pearl necklace

Faux pearls from a Miriam Haskell – style necklace I found at a flea market.

Do you know the difference between an imitation pearl and a fake one? Real natural pearls are cold to the touch. Also, it is hard to match perfectly round ones on a single strand, and they are pricey. Fake pearls are made of glass or plastic which are called “faux” or “costume”.

More about birthstones, pearls and jewelry making in posts to come soon.

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A Little Heart

This our “Morgan & Mason” custom, birthstone locket necklace I created to remember our little 9-month-old Morgan and 4-year-old Mason. They were so loved and cherished by many. A recent tragedy took the lives of three family members in a house fire in Michigan Center, Michigan.

Birthstone Necklace

Tiny birthstones for Morgan and Mason

Morgan was born in June which is Alexandrite gemstone and a Pearl. Mason was born in January which is a Garnet. This necklace will be customized to your birthstone selection.

Help Aaron and Lexi rebuild. All profits will go to an Aaron and Lexi donation fund to help them rebuild their lives after losing everything. Go to MeyerClarkCreative on Etsy
to learn more and make a purchase.

Locket Detail

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